We are always in bloom.

Seasons. We all have them. Seasons of abundance. Seasons of silence. Seasons of planting & seasons of harvest. The Bible says that there is a time for all things under the sun.

No matter the season, God has something important to say about it. God promotes in public what He prepares in private.

And being prepared in private requires being stripped of the unnecessary. It requires a level of brokenness. It requires humility & an openness to change.


Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.

- John 15:4


Bloom is a column style podcast, applicable to each season of a woman's journey. It's defining what it means to live passionately for God in a lukewarm world. It's learning to embrace every season that we're called to.

Whether you're planting or harvesting, blooming or shedding, this lighthearted, soulful podcast will ground you in God's inerrant truth & His design for womanhood. 

From dating and purpose to identity and sacrifice, Bloom covers the areas of your journey that matter most. Nothing is off limits. So cozy up with your Bible, some coffee or tea & let's cultivate a deeper relationship with Christ, together. 

Bloom is hosted by Zim Ugochukwu and launched in early Fall, 2018.

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Topics can include the following— 1. Love (Friendships, Relationships, Family, etc) 2. Life (Career, Business, Purpose, Success, Finances, Identity, etc) 3. Godliness (Patience, Humility, Modesty, Self-Control, Faith, Sacrifice, etc) *Your Bloom letter should be at least three paragraphs long & should feature your specific challenge.